Staten Island Diner Reviews

Excellent food and the staff is wonderful!

This is one of my go to places. I love this it. Good food, friendly service. The prices are a little steep but I'd rather support a Mom and Pop restaurant than a chain. Plus, everything tastes delicious.

Great place to eat , Me n my friend enjoy the wait staff too ESP Danny ..

The Staten Island diner is by far the best on the island. I have been there for breakfast, lunch & dinner and I have not found a meal i disliked. Extremely clean and very friendly atmosphere. The menu has all your traditional diner foods at an extremely reasonable price and my favorite part is that they have added a bunch of new and creative items. I wouldnt go anywhere else....Love this place!

eat here often. breakfast and dinner. excellent quality, quantity and service. try it, you will not be disappointed.

Food is really good, and I like the laid back atmosphere, so I keep going back. The first time I went the server was the owner's son, I believe, and service was great! I've been there at least 3 - 5 times since, and the only complaint I would have is service which is why I give it 4 stars instead of 5. The service could definitely have been better the last several times...the server we keep getting is unfriendly, slow to take our order and give us our check and hard to find sometimes for either. I've actually seen him chatting on his cell phone while we were waiting.

Anytime of the day when your hungry, please go to the Staten Island Diner. The place is clean and bright and the food is great. They give you large portions for your money, and service with a smile that money cant buy. The staff is very friendly and when your their, you feel like family. So no matter where you live, a trip to the Staten Island Diner is worth it. You've tried the rest, now eat at the best.

Very best service. good cooking. most hospitable.

Hands-down my favorite diner on the island. The Peanut butter-banana-Nutella pancakes are my new comfort food. Would definitely recommend.

They are Perfect. They are courteous over the phone and in person. They make you feel welcomed. I order breakfast all the time with them and omg I get it as if it was just taken out of the grill. I am a very grateful customer. Their food is hhhhmmmm if I have to put it into words its awesome, outstanding and marvelous. The delivery guy is so pleasant and courteous. if anyone is in the mood for a good healthy fulfilling breakfast this is the place. Staten Island Diner Staff, I thank you so much for all of your courteousness, kindness, and services.

This is probably the best all around diner on Staten Island. For one they are independent the food is fresh and the owner is hands on to make sure everything is prepared as ordered, and food is always of the highest standard. I don't rate a place by price , but their prices are lower by about 30 percent over other diners and the portion size is not any smaller by any means. Chicken Salad sandwich is excellent. Roast turkey is delicious. Breakfast portions are large, tasty and prepared just right. Delivery is quick as well and very consistent.

Check out the breakfast creations section on the ordering page to quickly see why this place is 5 stars. El Sombrero made with Corned Beef Hash covered with salsa and melted cheese topped with poached eggs. Have you seen this at any other diner on Staten Island, I have not.

Huge menu and everything is always delicious and tastes fresh. From breakfast to philly cheese steaks and chicken souvlaki it’s always quick delivery.

Diner is second to none always a treat, had breakfasts delivered saved 10% ordering on whereyoueat , food arrived 40 minutes packages right with utensils and salt pepper packets, good food

Wowee! Breakfast omelettes are to die for, fluffy fresh ingredients!